This Week’s Garden News Magazine Column -July 10 2021

This week’s ramblings from the plot. If you click on the photo you should be able to zoom in to read the column. I’ve been writing about my garden for a year and a half. I love sharing the ups and downs of growing fruit, veg and cut flowers. Not everything goes according to plan. But it’s good to share the disasters as well as successes, so everyone can learn from it.

So pleased to see Monty kitten gets a mention. We always send eight photos each time and never know which ones will be used. It depends on the layout. As you can see, Monty is turning into the best ever gardening cat. He is always by my side, whatever job I’m doing in the garden. He takes an interest in everything and likes to get involved. To be honest, I’m sure he thinks he’s a dog and not a cat, as he’s so loyal and often likes to come for a walk with us along the back field footpaths. If we get too far from home, I pick him up and carry him back, as I’d hate him to suddenly dart into a hedge and be lost. All our previous cats have been rather aloof and independent. Monty is one of a kind.

I’m getting on well with the paper mulch. It’s saving so much time. I can’t understand how I never heard of this product before, but now I know, I’ll be using it every summer under my dahlias, courgettes, cosmos and pumpkins. It saves so much hoeing and back-breaking hands and knees weeding.

I wrote about the mulch here:

I’ve taken lots of cuttings of my new salvia collection. They seem to flower virtually non-stop from june to first frosts. Such beautiful colours and so easy to grow. The cuttings will ensure they survive over the winter, as they are not always hardy in my cold wet clay. I wrote about new salvia varieties here:

And finally, I loved taking part in the social media event, GardenDayUK where we all made a flower crown, and spent some time reading, resting, having a tea party, enjoying being in our gardens, and sharing our gardens with the hashtag #GardenDayUK. This was the first time I’d joined in, and I enjoyed being a part of the celebrations.

Next time, I’m writing about butterflies, the new Rose of the Year ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ a visit to Stockton Bury Gardens in Herefordshire, and my success with my sweet pea pavement flower sales for charity. I hope you are having a great gardening week. Thank you, as ever, for taking the time to read my blog. It’s much appreciated.

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Garden News Magazine Column -July 10 2021

  1. Thanks for the link to the earlier post. Monty has more than bonded, he is imprinted on you. A very deep connection it is too. I miss both of my hand-reared kittys, with whom the first was the imprinting and bonding, the second, more of the super bonding. They have given me lovely memories and lessons learned.


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  2. Writing about your garden can be so much fun, especially in a gardening column. Even though my gardens have been strictly utilitarian, I started writing about them and my other horticultural work in 1998, but somewhere along the line, was asked to not write in the ‘first person’. I can not remember which editor made that request, or if I still write for that particular editor. I should resume writing about my personal experience if no one objects.

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  3. The garlands of May ( or was it June) encircling your head is such a fancy traditional creation. Yours looks positively bridal.
    Monty is a super character. He’ll be able to teach others of his species how to sow and grow. It does sound as if he has bonded with you. Was Monty very young or immature in some way when you first came to know him?


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