BBC Gardeners’ World Live

We did a little dance in celebration when The Watchmaker’s Garden at BBC Gardeners’ World Live won platinum and best in show. Our family’s nursery grew some of the plants for the garden.

I was lucky enough to attend the preview and meet the designer, Alexandra Froggatt.

Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is a bustling, cosmopolitan area steeped in history. In the late Victorian era it was booming with trade as the jewellery and watchmaking industries expanded. Craftsmen set up workshops in their back gardens to meet demand. Alexandra’s design is inspired by these 19th century back garden horologists. Inside the workshop, the city’s iconic Chamberlain clockface is in mid-production with a workbench covered in original tools and artefacts. Antique specialists loaned jewellers’ equipment to add authenticity to the scene.

Outside the workshop, the garden is full of heirloom and heritage vegetables, including some varieties which would have been grown in the Victorian era; herbs growing alongside cottage garden plants.

I love the doorway planting. You really want to walk through that door to see what’s on the other side.

Wild flowers grow in the grass surrounding the garden, and nasturtiums, peas and beans scramble over fences and supporting hazel posts.

Sponsors for the garden include Odeon Antiques, St Paul’s Church, La Mons Jewellery, Stonebarn landscapes, Terry Porter- plants, Vande Moortel- landscaping materials, and RPG Herbs, run by my brother-in-law Paul Gimson and his wife Rozanne.

Gardeners’ World Live runs until 16 June at Birmingham NEC.

RPG Herbs

Alexandra Froggatt

6 thoughts on “BBC Gardeners’ World Live

  1. Karen I love this garden mix of flowers and orchard with heritage plants: it’s fabulous. The building is another wonder with its old sign. Inside you are transported at the end of the 19th century, with its furniture, and its work table with tools of watchmaker of that time, I love it. It is an exceptional set and my favorite after having seen in the other blog all the gardens. Thank you very much for showing with such beautiful photos this place where I would like to live. Karen a lot of love and a lot of health for your family and for you. Take care. Caresses for Meg and Grace with love for Meg and Grace. Loving greetings from Margarita.

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  3. The Watchamker’s sign and old building are both fascinating. I hope the snapshot of it’s time is allowed to remain. Without knowing what the gardening judges were angling for in this scenario I find it difficult to add to their judgement.

    It is always nice to see practical uses for ground, be it allotments or gardens. I have seen some well thought out and really interesting gardens in the most unlikely and difficult to grow-in spaces.

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