In a Vase on Monday – 10th June 2019

It’s the much-awaited summer. And it’s raining. It’s pouring. And it’s 9C. So only one photo today for my Vase- and it’s sweet williams and sweet peas again. They are loving the cool temperatures and moisture. I must admit, I am not.

My dark red sweet williams, Dianthus barbatus Sooty, are suddenly providing buckets of flowers. Sweet williams are such good value plants. For a couple of pounds for a packets of seed, you can have a steady supply of flowers three months or more. They are like dark velvety chocolate. Dark colours don’t show up in photos very well, so I’ve screen shot the picture and homed in on the flowers.

There’s a few forget me nots left to go with the love in a mist. And sweet peas are also flowering faster than I can pick them.

Calendulas are looking fab with peach butterfly antirrhinums, and blue chives are being thrown in every bowl of salad, as well as every vase of flowers. Such a versatile perennial herb to grow. The antirrhinums are flowering for their second year, but I’ll sow some more seed for next summer, just in case they don’t overwinter. They last for nearly a fortnight in a vase, if you change the water each day.

I do hope the weather is better where you are. Hopefully we will all get some sunshine again soon. Meanwhile, it’s dark clouds and white cow parsley -aplenty!

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In a Vase on Monday :

28 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – 10th June 2019

    • Very pretty. I’ve left a comment. It is still raining here. My garden is a quagmire. I’m sure all will be well when the sun comes out again. The potatoes will be amazing this year, they love the rain. xx


    • It’s still raining today Dorris. We had the heating on last night. Temperatures all day at 8 or 9C I’ve got a water meadow, unintentionally. It’s suiting the sweet peas though. They like plenty of water. I’m sowing sweet williams, wallflowers, White foxgloves and winter pansies today. Thinking about next year. Already.

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  1. Your Calendulas are bonny. Mine are just beginning to give signs of hope.

    We are prizing some wild orchids just now, Alpine size, an annual event. Best of all though, we have two Common Spotted ones which are not so common. i wonder if the spots on the leaves are the ‘common’ bit. They look more like freckles to me. I discovered that some people go in search of these Common Spotted ones.

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  2. It is dreadful isn’t it? And then yesterday I was roasting and totally unprepared! Today back to autumn again. You did really well to get anything in your posy, let alone a love display of some of my favourites, sweet williams and sweet peas, double sweet! x

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    • Thank you. No sooner have I put my shade material on the greenhouse roof- and we haven’t had sunshine or a dry day since! I tried to pick some flowers today. Just too soggy all round. My hands are frozen! But the scent in the rain from the sweet peas is just fabulous. Even if they have all flopped over.

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  3. Oh I MUST order some Sweet William seeds, after seeing yours again – although I do have some that have survived from last (?) year, but not yet flowering. I was drawn to your cornflowers first, so pretty, especially as I had to resow as my autumn sown ones disappeared. Isn’t seed sowing wonderful? Your enthusiasm is infectious and I hope it encourages others to try when they see your pretty vases filled with annuals.

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  4. I’ve become very fond of Calendulas too. I’m impressed by your Dianthus bouquet – my plants are never so floriferous. Summer arrived in my part of the world yesterday but I’m very much hoping that our morning marine layer will return later this week and knock the heat down a notch or two.

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  5. Karen, I’m sorry you have only 9ºC and it’s raining. Here in Madrid we have been on Sunday at 31ºC and today we are at 28ºC with sun, although it seems that for Wednesday the temperatures may drop and it rains something in the North. What a wonderful table full of beautiful flowers, I love it. Sweet Sooty Williams are divine and if they bloom so much they are magnificent. The Sweet Peas I love and even more if you do not have enough to collect so many flowers. Forget-me-nots are beautiful with Sweet Peas. I love the combination of flowers and flowers in the jug: Calendulas, Peach Antirrhins and Blue Chives, it’s fabulous. The white cow parsley is wonderful. I hope with all my heart that the weather improves and you can enjoy your wonderful and wonderful garden. Karen love, health and my best wishes for all your family and for you. Take care and rest. Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • Thank you Margarita. I’m listening to the rain bouncing off the porch roof. It sounds like a tropical storm. All the perennials are flattened . I shall have to do the Chelsea chop on them. Never mind, they will flower again later. Everything is solvable. Loving greetings in return. Karen xx

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      • Thanks to you Karen for everything. Karen at least you have water and she is watering your garden well. But here in Spain, except on the north coast and around, nothing has rained. We need rain urgently. Relax on the porch listening to the rain fall. As you very well say, perennials will bloom more beautiful when the rain is over. Loving greetings from Margarita.

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