Product Review – Hansford Coil Spring Chair

*Please leave a comment at the end of this review to be entered in a prize draw to win a Hansford Coil Spring Chair.

Gardening is hard work. By this time of the year, I’m starting to groan at the size of the brambles and painful stinging nettles. It’s a job to keep up with the weeds. So I really look forward to flopping down on a comfortable chair at the end of a gardening session.

I jumped at the chance to try out a Hansford Coil Spring Chair. I didn’t pay for this product. As usual, words and opinions are my own. By now, you’ll know I always give my honest view on books, products, composts, seeds, and plants that come to the potting shed for review.

My chair arrived three days after ordering. Email updates were reassuring and meant I was at home when the box arrived.

The chair arrived well packaged and undamaged. It took five minutes to assemble the chair which comes in two parts. Tools, a spanner and some screws, were included. I meant to take photos of the before and after, but it was so quick to put together, I got carried away.

The chair is light enough to carry about the garden and so I tried it out in various locations, under the sweet chestnut tree, in the wild flower border and in the orchard. I didn’t find it too difficult to move about.

I love the way the chair blends in to the planting, and doesn’t dominate the scene. It looks lovely set amongst cow parsley and pink campion. Which is just as well as 90 percent of my garden is cow parsley at the moment.

I have a black painted greenhouse and summerhouse, so I chose a black chair. Alternative colours are duck egg blue and green.

The mesh seat is comfortable in hot weather, and very lovely with lavender and rosemary poking through. I will probably have to buy another one to go with my review chair, as really a pair is needed. You could add cushions, but the chair is comfortable enough without them to be honest.

Information sheets that come with the chair say the product is powder coated and there’s a one year warranty. The web site states the chair is suitable for indoors, conservatories, and outdoors.

James, who set up Hansford Furniture with a friend is offering one chair as a prize draw win to readers of this blog and my instagram page. Please leave a comment below to be included in the draw. No purchase is necessary and Hansford are running this competition. James will randomly select (pull a name out of a hat) on 13 June at Gardeners World Live, where they have a stand this year. Please also say if you do not wish to be entered in the prize draw, which is also fine. Sorry, uk entries only, and there’s no cash alternative. Hansford decisions are final.

Information from the website:

*look in the comments below, James has sent a link for 15% off the price, for readers of This discount is a promotion being offered by Hansford Furniture and I am simply passing on the information.



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56 thoughts on “Product Review – Hansford Coil Spring Chair

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  2. Right, I’m going to seek out this chair at the Show and give it a whirl! It looks an extremely elegant design – but I’m particularly drawn to the fact that it’s comfy without cushions (since the cat has decided to make a bed out of my other garden chair cushions and it’s got increasingly difficult to claim the hairy things back…). Thanks for sharing your review, Karen!

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    • Hi Susan, it literally is a couple of screws and you are done. It’s very easy to put together. I should have taken photos, but it was so quick I had done it before I thought about it. Must say- I’ve moved it to the greenhouse today. Such awful wet weather. But it smells wonderful indoors with scented pelargoniums and lemon tree flowers. I’m quite happy to sit in there to be honest. Good luck in the draw. I’m presuming you are in the UK.

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  4. That looks like a wonderful garden chair, perfect for flopping into after a spot of gardening – just the thing for sitting in while enjoying the garden and drinking tea. It being easy to move round the garden is a definite bonus, as is the fact that it doesn’t scream ‘I’m a chair in the garden, look at me instead of the plants!’!

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    • That’s exactly what I thought. Blends in nicely with the borders. So comfortable. I’ve been dashing about s bit recently- to Chatsworth and then down to the Cotswolds. Really need to find time to just sit and relax. Thanks for reading. Good luck in the draw.


  5. I’ve almost finished redesigning and planting up the community garden that I look down on and just last weekend thought “I need a chair for the shady area on a hot day” – this would fit the bill perfectly!
    I’m going to BBC Gardener’s World Live on the Saturday so will look out for Hansford Furniture and give the chairs a try. (And keep my fingers crossed for the prize draw! :D)

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    • Good luck Caro! They are splendid. I’m moving mine to the wild flower border next. Very comfortable after a day in the garden weeding and planting. I love the rocking motion too. Makes it different from other garden furniture. Did you get my e mail inviting you to visit?


    • Direct message on twitter. Sorry I couldn’t chat at Chelsea. I had all kinds of worries that day. Every hour, a live 10 minute talk. Bit of a nightmare xx


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    • Thank you Kathy. That’s what I thought. It blends in nicely here with the cowparsley and wild flowers. Black and white always seems to look good. Good luck in the draw


  7. It’s a gorgeous chair – perfect for a cottage garden. I’m pleased to report I now have my long wished for greenhouse so this summer should be a joy!

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    • Oh, that’s great news! Enjoy your greenhouse. The chair would look lovely inside or out. I’ve been planting seedlings today and it was great to rest a very sore back. Good luck in the prize draw


    • Thank you Grace. Please keep checking back to see who the winner is. This would look great amongst wild flowers. I’ve got some white daisies coming into flower and I am going to set the chair amongst them. Good luck in the prize draw


    • It’s a job to find something comfortable. I’ve been trying to find something for ages and they either need a heap of heavy cushions, or are hard and uncomfortable. This one has a gentle rocking motion which is very relaxing after a hard day’s gardening.


      • Not very often. But I’m tempered more now I have a comfy chair. I’ve got a terrible bad back and most chairs are not comfortable. This one is well designed and lovely and restful. Good luck in the draw.


      • I had a car crash 15 years ago. Man going fishing for the day. Looking at the lake to see if he could see his mates. My side of the road at 50mph. Fractured my spine, leg, collar bone, ribs through lungs. Took me six years to get over it. In a wheelchair for a while. Had to learn to walk again. He was sorry and I forgave him. Not really been the same since, although no complaints. Bending for gardening is a bit of a problem. I shall have to think carefully what to do next as it’s just starting to become a problem again.


      • My goodness, Karen, what a lot you have been through – I knew you had been getting over something serious, but hadn’t anticipated anything like this. Have you any idea what might be triggering the deterioration?


  8. Karen the chair is very beautiful and if it is also light to transport from one place to another and comfortable has everything. I DO NOT WANT TO ENTER THE DRAW, thank you. Your garden is magnificent and full of life and wonderful flowers: green on all sides, I love it. All the photos are very special and charming places in your garden. Although I find nettles and weeds, I love it. I do not know how I’m going to find my garden, I think it’s dry. Today we are at 33ºC and tomorrow at 35ºC. The garden of the country house is without its drip irrigation because my father is still with the ulcer of the leg and with the legs wrong and my sister is the one who comes every day to cure him, because I get dizzy and I can not bend over for the leg that hurts a lot. In addition the trip is 250km and I arrive very tired. Putting the drip irrigation takes me a couple of hours and I have to add another hour to put a hose with an oscillating sprinkler for a part that at the end I could not do last year the installation of drip irrigation. That’s if the brush has not grown to a meter and a half as I found it last year when we went in April. If so, it would take a lot longer because I would have to break through with scissors, and I am very sick of strength. I would have to sleep there and in the morning come back to Madrid. And my Father, in the conditions in which he is, can not remain alone. And I can not travel alone as I am either. So, let it be what God wants and let all the plants that can not withstand the heat dry up. There is no other way. I am very sorry. Karen, I’m so sorry I bothered you with my things. I’m really sorry. I am very happy for your new chair, which I love, and that you enjoy many years resting and watching your garden treasure. Karen love, health, strength and happiness for your family and for you. Take care and do not remove too many weeds in one day! Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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      • Karen, you’re very nice to be interested in my father. You are a very good friend. My Father went today June 10 to the vascular surgeon to see the ulcers and legs. Another ulcer has opened in the other leg. The legs have small crusts that fall to form tiny ulcers. As he eats very badly, his body does not have the strength to fight against ulcers. My sister heals very well and does not get more ulcers. But he still has for a while until his legs are fully healed. Within the bad, his legs are not swollen. Thank you very much for your interest in my Father Karen, it means a lot to me. Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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      • Karen thank you very much for the link. I have read it and I am going to print it to give it to your doctor, the Cardiovascular Surgeon who is the one who takes you. Karen has a golden heart for worrying about my Father that way. Millions of thanks. Very warm greetings from Margarita.

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  9. Looks great with your lovely natural plantings…. Since my garden bench fell apart and the space now filled with more pots, must try to find room for one! xx

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    • Thank you James. Is this a time- limited offer. Shall I add it to the blog piece? I found the chair to be very comfortable. I like the arm rests and the curves. Plus it’s good not to have to lug cushions in and out if it rains. It’s comfortable enough without a cushion.


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