Silver Medal for John and Anna in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Well, it’s been a really exciting week at Bramble Garden! My nephew John Gimson and team mate Anna Burnet won silver in the Nacra 17 race in Japan. To say we are all overjoyed is an understatement. To be selected to represent Britain was exciting enough, but the cherry on the cake was winning that silver medal. Here’s some photos of them. Their happiness shines through and you can’t help smiling back at them. Determination and hard work certainly pays off.

John Gimson and Anna Burnet
What a wonderful moment
From the British Sailing Instagram account. Pic credit @sailingenergy

John wrote the above message on his social media accounts.

We send huge congratulations to the pair. I’m a very proud aunt indeed. We can’t wait to see John and Anna and hope there’s a family celebration soon!

I wrote about John and Anna sailing in the Olympics here:

Thank you for all your lovely comments on here, and for sharing in our happiness. It’s wonderful to have some good news and happiness to spread about the world, isn’t it.

Photos credit: @sailingenergy and British Sailing and RYA.

22 thoughts on “Silver Medal for John and Anna in Tokyo Olympics 2021

  1. Oh what a special achievement Karen and your family must be delighted! No doubt much blood, sweat and tears went into getting to that level plus a lot of support from family. If my memory serves me right I saw an interview with John’s father on our local BBC ‘Look North’ evening news programme.

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  2. Fantastic! My CONGRATULATIONS to John Gimson and his partner Anna Burnet for the Silver Medal at the Tokyo Olympics in Nacra 17 !!!! It is the culmination of a lot of effort and a lot of training and willpower. Karen must be the happiest and proudest aunt in the world !! I am very happy for your nephew and for you. It is the dream of every athlete come true with a lot of work: the peak of an sports career. My heart goes out to everyone in Bramble Garden and to your entire family. I am very excited for your nephew’s Silver Medal! Much love to everyone and enjoy this very happy historical moment. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx 😘🤗🥈🌻

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