#Snowdrop love, at Easton Walled Gardens


In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing my photos of Britain’s most romantic garden renovation project.  Easton Walled Gardens.

There was once a magnificent mansion at the top of this flight of stone steps. The orangery windows looked over the glorious gardens below.

Franklin D Roosevelt, visiting the gardens on his honeymoon tour, described them as “A dream of Nirvana- almost too good to be true.” Sadly, the house  was demolished in 1951 and the gardens slowly abandoned. The gatehouse only survived when the bulldozer broke down. The gardens were lost under brambles and tree saplings.

Strolling around today, there’s a feeling of walking in the footsteps of those who lived and worked there in its heyday.

A stone bridge has been restored and leads to the great yew tunnel- which survived the neglect and abandonment.

Sheets of snowdrops lay dormant under the brambles. Just waiting to bloom again. There’s a fairytale feel to the place.  A Sleeping Beauty garden, lost and re-discovered.

And really, only love could have saved this garden. Ursula Cholmeley,  whose family lived at Easton for 400 years, has poured love, energy, passion, and time into the renovation project.  Work, started in 2001, continues today. And it’s a triumph. The “lost gardens of Easton” have been rescued and revived.

What’s your most romantic garden?  How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day?

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Easton Walled Gardens   just off the A1 near Grantham in Lincolnshire, is open until 19th February for snowdrops.

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20 thoughts on “#Snowdrop love, at Easton Walled Gardens

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  3. So many of our great houses and gardens have been lost either through taxation or the tragic effects of war. It is wonderful to see them being restored. Visiting country houses and gardens has never been so popular as today, it forms a large part of our tourism industry.

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  4. Quite delightful. There are so many features visible that are evocative of a number of great park lands that are, or, were attached to certain properties. It must be revitalising to meander in the Easton Walled Gardens.


    • It really is a magical place. You are right. There are many gardens that were once attached to great houses. Easton is my favourite. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. All the best. Karen


    • It really is, Maggie. Mum and I had the most wonderful day there. Can you imagine getting married there. Such a Romantic place for sure. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It’s much appreciated.


    • Thank you Mike. It is quite a sight. And the honey scent was really lovely. We stood at the top of the valley and the scent drifted up to greet us. Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated, as always. Have a lovely day. Love Karen x

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    • I must admit, Easton has the same atmosphere as Ninfa. As soon as you walk through the gatehouse. There’s a feeling of being somewhere really special. I felt like that when I walked down the entrance drive to Ninfa, with all those rambling roses tumbling and scrambling over the walls of the garden. Such a sight. If I close my eyes, I’m back there! thanks for reading and commenting Christina. have a lovely day. X

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