Snowdrops and Botanical Art at Easton Walled Gardens @EWGardens

If you’ve never visited Easton Walled Gardens, you’ve got until 4pm tomorrow to view their stunning snowdrops. The gardens are open today and tomorrow 24/25th February, from 11am. And you are in for a treat. The winter displays have never looked better and feature snowdrops, iris, crocus, hellebores and masses of scented flowering shrubs.

I wrote about the history of Easton in a blog post last winter Here.

Here’s a gallery of photos I took earlier in the week.

If you are lucky, you will see kingfishers flying along the river. Such a special moment when you catch sight of that bright flash of blue feathers.

A favourite view of the stone bridge crossing from the meadow to the walled garden.

Always a poignant moment to stop and look at the ruins, all that remains of the mansion house that once stood on this site. New this year, there’s some marker stones set in the grass to show where the front door would have been.

We love the kokedama displays. Such an unusual and pretty way to display snowdrops.

I might try this idea, hanging basket kokedamas look spectacular in the gatehouse stone archway.

There are displays of little potted bulbs all around the gardens. This one is Iris Blue Note. The huge snowdrops are Comet.

Discovering secrets. How to dry and store seed, so that the mice can’t get at them. Easy when you know how.

There’s always something new to find at Easton. This year it’s a botanical art exhibition in the courtyard which runs until 11th March -on Easton’s usual opening days.

I loved this aconite. My camera phone doesn’t really do it justice.

The artists taking part are Norma Gregory, Dawn Wright and Sue Vize.

For more information go to .

Easton is just off the A1 near Grantham in Lincolnshire.

27 thoughts on “Snowdrops and Botanical Art at Easton Walled Gardens @EWGardens

    • They are rather glorious. We’ve been whizzing about the county trying to visit as many as we can. Storing up memories of snowdrop glades- to last a whole year, until next spring.


  1. Karen the gardens of Easton Walled Gardens are wonderful at this time. The meadows covered with Snowdrops are beautiful like bare trees. The stone bridge over the half frozen river is beautiful. The Iris, Crocus, Helebores and masses of fragrant flowers with bushes you talk about but do not see but we do it through your eyes must be wonderful. When I find ruins, I look at them carefully and then I remain pensive, imagining what the mansion would look like outside and inside in its moments of splendor. Then I return to reality and I feel sorry that something so beautiful is lost. How nice they have marked the front door! The Snowdrops kokedamas hanging from the arch of the entrance door are spectacular! The potted Iris Blue Notes are divine. The Comet Winter Bluebells are huge and lovely! Good way to save the seeds! I keep them in an airtight glass jar in the dark. The exhibition of Botanical Art must be precious and even more so where it is celebrated. I love the picture of the big pink flower. Is it a peony? I have entered the link that you have left and you see photos of all the gardens in bloom, with wonderful dahlias, roses, a collection of lovely sweet peas and a lot more flowers. It is magnificent. Karen thank you very much for the walk through Easton Walled Gardens I loved it. Many memories with love for your Mother and for you Karen a lot of love. Greetings from Margarita.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Margarita. I love your kind comments. The pink flowers are pelargoniums I think. I’m glad you enjoyed your walk through Easton Walled gardens with me. Have a wonderful Sunday. Love to you and your family. Greetings from karen xx


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