Book prize draw winner- The Creative Kitchen

It’s been a good year for new books. One of my favourites recently arrived in the potting shed is The Creative Kitchen by Stephanie Hafferty.

The publishers kindly offered one free copy for a prize draw for this blog. I’m always grateful for a chance to pass on goodies to readers. And I’m delighted to announce that the winner is June at .

Please take a look at the discount code on my review which gets you the book for £16 including postage. Here’s the link for the review

I’m making peppermint creams for Christmas presents using Stephanie’s idea for mint sugar. The kitchen smells divine, and the mints look really pretty.

Thank you for reading this blog. Keep popping back for more news. A whole pile of books have just arrived in the potting shed and I’m just starting to work my way through them, so keep an eye open for more prize draws and offers.

Are you making any Christmas presents this year? Get in touch and share your favourite recipes and ideas for gardeners and cooks. It’s great to share hints and tips with each other.

I always look forward to your comments. Please also feel free to share this blog on any social media platform you like. It all helps to spread the news.

7 thoughts on “Book prize draw winner- The Creative Kitchen

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    • Stollen sounds good. We are in a hurry now, packing up and selling a relative’s home. Everything has to be quick to make. I’m going to have a go at the rose petal sugar scrub which looks speedy. I’ll report back. Hope you are ok Cathy. We are coping with everything. xx

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    • Can highly recommend it. I’m making some flavoured gin, some scented candles and home made soap from the recipes. Already tried the soup and casserole recipes and they are delicious and quick to make. There’s a discount code – don’t forget to use it, all the best. Karen x


  2. Congratulations to the winner of the book !!! Karen those mint creams sound delicious. I have started little by little to embroider in small holly leaf motifs with their red berries and then make hexagons with them and put them in a larger hexagon over another hexagon as personalized labels to give them all crass plants from a nursery that It is not far from home and it has very nice. I’m not this year with the strength to get into shopping centers and go shopping with crowds. And if I do not make all the labels, I print them on cardboard. Because at the rate I’m going I do not finish one. Karen love and health. Your Shed is beautiful. I love. Health and love for your family. May your Mother recover very soon. Take care. Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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