In a Vase on Monday 11th February 2019

Spring flowers and a silver birch wreath. A honey -scented display for the summerhouse today.

Arriving home late from work, I’ve run round the garden and picked a few spring flowers to decorate the wreath.

This week, tete-a-tete narcissi and Iris Eye Catcher join the snowdrops in my display. I can report, the little test tubes I mentioned last week are working a treat. The double snowdrops have lasted seven days.

The test tubes arrived attached to a bouquet of orchids, a gift from a friend. As usual, I put them in the potting shed until I’ve thought of a use for them. We are all trying to manage without oasis florists foam, which is not recyclable and adds to pollution.

I twist a wire around the top of the test tube and press it into the twiggy wreath. It stays there securely, despite high winds. Storm Erik bashed the garden, but didn’t damage the display- with the summerhouse turned to face the shelter of the trees. I patch in some emerald green moss and fresh ivy to hide the workings.

Here’s where the flowers are growing, in the wild garden under beech, oak and cherry trees.

Double snowdrops came from Hodsock Priory. Singles, Galanthus nivalis, from Easton Walled Gardens.

Yellow aconites are finally starting to spread. They are slow to establish and like lots of leafmould.

I finish the day walking down the lane to pick willow stems for valentine hearts. And joy! The first lamb, born today. What a lovely surprise, and I’m glad it is a glorious sunny day. Not like last year, when they arrived in a snowstorm. Today is a good day to be born. I stand for a while watching the tiny lamb find its feet. Within minutes it’s jumping, all four feet off the ground. A sight I’ll never tire of, and another sure sign spring is not far away.


IAVOM with Cathy

Easton Walled Gardens

Hodsock Priory

Yellow aconites

Floristry supplies Googies Flower Shop

Last week’s IAVOM

23 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday 11th February 2019

  1. You certainly have some compelling flowers there. The iris can grow here, but I have never seen it. Nor have I ever seen the cyclamen. (The only cyclamen we have are the common florist types.) I do not grow snowrops; only snowflakes.

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  2. Karen the Crown of the Summer House every day I like it much more with the flowers that you add. The Tete-a-Tete Narcissus with its yellow that looks like the sun are beautiful. The Iris Eye Catchers are divine. The Snowdrops are very beautiful. Good for the test tubes and how you hide them! The flowers grow in wonderful places, where the Fairies who care for Nature live. How wonderful and special to see a lamb born, watching him until he gets up and gives his first jumps on a sunny day. How nice! I have only seen dogs and cats born in my house. Thank you very much for the links, I liked it a lot. Karen makes me happy your flowers and I thank you for the kind words about my ailments. Now the flu and fever are added: that is why I have not expanded so much, I feel bad. But I have smiled with your beautiful crown and the birth of the lamb. Thank you. I hope you have good luck with the adoption of the dog. Love, health, strength and happiness for your family and for you. Take care and rest. Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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  3. Your wreath has proved to be such a practical idea for this season’s IAVOM, and what a nice challenge it is for you to seek out new things to add to it. It’s wonderful that the cut snowdrops last so long although I guess that being outside where it is cool is a big help. How opportune it was for you to see such a newly born lamb – most exciting!

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    • Thank you Cathy. I’ve been checking on those lambs every day. I’m always amazed how quickly they get up and start wobbling about on legs that look too long for their bodies.


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