Favourite Roses – Desprez a Fleur Jaune

None of the roses in my garden are sprayed. Desprez a Fleur June is tough and hardy and repeat flowers all summer. And it has a most beautiful scent.

Typically, all stages of flowering are on show at the same time. New buds are opening as the old flowers fade. It’s a beautiful combination. I love the range of colours from peach and apricot through to yellow and pink. One spray of roses could make a bouquet on its own.

Rose Type

Old fashioned heritage climber. Bred in France by Jean Desprez in 1830. Each rose has 26 to 40 petals, cluster flowering.


Climbing, up to 5m. I’m growing it on a trellis 1.5m wide, so it will be pruned to fit.

Repeat flowers, if deadheaded.

Very disease resistant. Leaves are pinnate, light green, glossy.

Very fragrant. Fruit salad/ pineapple scent.

Suitable For

Pergolas,arches, trellis, walls, fences, cut flower gardens, cottage gardens.

Soil Type

Any soil, but best on heavy clay, improved with well rotted farmyard manure, plant-based fertiliser and garden compost. As I’m a vegetarian gardener, I don’t use any bonemeal or chicken fertiliser pellets any more. My roses are beautiful- without causing any cruelty to any animal. I don’t use growmore either.

Planting position

Full sun, west and east facing. Can cope with semi-shaded position. Mine gets sun for a few hours in the morning. Then it’s in shade for the rest of the day.


Hardy in USDA zones 5/6/7/8/9


Mulch over the winter to conserve moisture. If there are aphids on the rose, tap the bush gently with a cane to dislodge ladybirds. As they are heavy, they will fall to the ground unhurt. Then blast the foliage with a hose pipe which will wash the aphids off. Water is a great natural inhibitor of sap-sucking aphids.

Links :https://www.classicroses.co.uk/desprez-a-fleurs-jaunes-climbing-rose.html

Also : https://www.davidaustinroses.co.uk/desprez-a-fleur-jaune


11 thoughts on “Favourite Roses – Desprez a Fleur Jaune

    • It’s just about to come into flower here. Such a glorious rose and some easy to grow. Doesn’t have any disease and grows in semi-shade.can’t wait to be able to pick a spray of these roses for my mum’s bouquets . Thanks for riding Vanessa and for leaving a comment. It’s much appreciated. Have. A lovely Sunday. Karen x

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  1. Karen I love your rose, its color is wonderful and its flowers divine. Thank you very much for all the information you have given about it, it is more than when you look at one for a buyer online. I love your trick to get rid of aphids. Mine is more cruel: I put on some kitchen gloves that I only have for the garden and if there are too many aphids, I hold the rose or the bud with the left hand and with the right from the last leaf I take the stem with the hand and strongly I raise it by crushing all the aphids. I repeat it several times. Then with a small rag soaked in clean water the stalk of dead aphids until it is completely clean. It’s a little murderous, but practical. I loved your rose. Karen love and a lot of health for your family and for you. I hope you are already better. Take care and rest. Affectionate caresses for Meg and Grace. Very loving greetings from Margarita💐

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