Six on Saturday – a walk around my garden 29 June 2019

Foxglove. Sutton’s Apricot.

Ethereal. “Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.”

Exquisite, dainty, graceful, lovely. Will it seed about and make a glade. I hope so. There is so much hope in gardening.

Already seeding about successfully; pale geraniums. A hybrid, crossed with the native geraniums all along the lane, and my Johnson’s Blue varieties inside the garden gate. Looks just as beautiful at dusk when moths find the flowers irresistible. Seedlings vary from white though mauve to deep violet. Always a lovely surprise to see what turns up. You can buy a similar variety called Geranium Mrs Kendall Clark, or grow your own from seed.

I wrote about geraniums in my garden here

Wild dog roses – Rosa canina. The scent. The essence of a summer’s day. And beetles are welcome here too. Food for the bluetits and wrens currently feeding noisy fledglings all around the garden.

Rosa New Dawn. Another pale beauty. Easy to grow, climbs to the top of a willow tree and drips petals on to the pond. Never needs any sprays or pruning. Just looks after itself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your walk around my garden today. After all that rain, it feels like summer is starting at last. It’s sunny and the temperature is 28C. I’ll be spending a lot of time sitting in the shade. Enjoy your weekend.

Links: SOS :

Foxglove Sutton’s apricot:

Geranium pratense:

Rosa canina :

Rosa New Dawn :

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25 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – a walk around my garden 29 June 2019

  1. Karen the Foxglove has a lovely color and inside her “bells” have a wonderful drawing, I love it, and you have planted them. The pale geraniums, another sowing success, are exceptional and the colors an exquisite palette. The Rosa canina and its perfume I love. You have baby noises all over the garden, it’s fantastic. La Rosa New Dawn, the sublime beauty, that does not need care, I love it. Karen I really enjoyed the walk through your lovely garden by your side, thank you very much. I sincerely hope that you still have sun and temperatures of 28ºC. Sit in the shade to rest and enjoy your fabulous garden. Thanks for the links, they are very interesting. Karen love, health and strength for your whole family and for you. Take care. Have a good week. Affectionate caresses for Meg and Grace. Very loving greetings from Margarita.


  2. Your photos show a real eye & to think you did all this w/a phone camera. Your geranium is truly wonderful. Love the little dark bits of pollen in the middle. And the last photo looks like a place I’d like to go hide in at several times of the day. Lovely stroll through the garden.

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    • Thank you Lora. That’s so kind of you to say so. I love the camera phones because they are such a good way of connecting with people. And anyone can use them. They show plants and gardens -in real life. Thanks again.


  3. I collected a little seed from a white Geranium pratense on a verge nearby, probably a garden escape, and it’s flowering now for the first time; I will have to collect and sow seed from it now to see if I get any forms as lovely as yours, might even try daubing pollen from something else onto it.

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    • Yes it’s the right time. As the seed is expensive, the best bet is to sprinkle in a half seed tray, then prick out in 2 weeks into 9cm pots and plant out September. They will make roots and leaves this year and flower next. Good luck 😉

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    • Thank you. It’s a very shaded garden in summer. Not much grows apart from in the cut flower beds. But wow is it lovely in the shade on a hot day. I don’t suit hot weather. Much better sitting cool under the trees.


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