Clip Glove – on trial

Ever since my brush with blood poisoning earlier this summer, I’ve been extremely careful. I wear gloves for every gardening activity. I’m not taking any chances. I guard against thorns, insect bites and splinters.

Treadstone Products saw my post warning gardeners to take care:

Here’s the original blog post:

It’s a warning that’s been read 150,000 times. Clearly a subject that resonates with many people, not just gardeners.

I’ve been trying out a range of different gloves. The latest is the Clip Glove, a new product from Treadstone. As usual, I’ve asked for a pair to give away in a prize draw. Please leave a comment at the end of the post to be included in the draw. Sorry, uk addresses only, due to postage.

What I like about the gloves:

  • Skin-friendly fabric. Cool and comfortable
  • Synthetic leather fabric. Hard wearing
  • Flexible enough to handle delicate cuttings and tiny weeds
  • Strong and durable materials
  • Special feature: clip attachment. Gloves can be clipped to belt, bag or for hanging up in the potting shed, or on the line to dry after washing
  • Loops to help you pull the gloves on and off
  • Recent winners of the garden centre industry GIMA awards
  • A choice of sizes for hands

I used them to weed the cut flower patch and plant out some sweet williams and wallflowers. On a hot day, 21C, my hands didn’t feel uncomfortable. In fact, I forgot I was wearing them.

The little tabs are really welcome. There’s nothing worse than struggling to get gloves on and off. Elasticated cuffs stopped compost going inside the gloves.

Flexible enough to easily grip garden tools. Stiffer fabric gloves make my hands ache after a while. These were worn all day with no problems.

I harvested my spring -planted garlic. Small but incredibly tasty. I’m just about to plant some for overwintering. I buy them from the Garlic Farm, Isle of Wight.

Sorted through my saved bulbs, removed old stems and placed them in paper bags ready for re-plating in November. These will be planted in the orchard, and fresh bulbs will go in winter containers,

Mixed some compost, added grit for drainage and filled terracotta pans ready for sowing winter micro-greens, herbs, salads, rocket, lambs lettuce, beetroot and watercress.

Weeded, tied in and mulched my favourite rose; Rosa Mutabilis ( ) This variety flowers on and off from spring to Christmas in various shades of peach and cream, opening cerise pink. Adorable and disease resistant. Good for pollinators, being a single flower. Just look at that golden pollen!

A good day’s work in the garden.

Links: Clip Glove

Garlic Farm:

Tulips :



Note: Names will be put in a hat and randomly selected by Treadstone. There’s no cash alternative. One pair of gloves will be sent to the winner. No purchase is necessary. Usual rules apply.

42 thoughts on “Clip Glove – on trial

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  2. Karen I do not want to enter the raffle of the gloves, I also can not, I live far away! They look very good gloves. I have decided to write again in the blogs although some days I find myself very bad I will not. I love your freshly harvested garlic. Your saved bulbs are great and I’m sure some fabulous flowers will come out of them. With the seeds you are planting you will not miss anything green in Winter: lamb lettuce, beets, salads, watercress, … I love it. The Rosa Mutabilis is divine and also blooms so long! It is my favorite because besides being very beautiful, it feeds the bees. And it also made me smile her beauty. Karen much love and health and strength for your whole family and for you. Take care a lot and don’t work so much in the garden. I am glad that you are at 21ºC, good temperature for the day and I hope that at night the temperature does not fall by two figures. Caresses for Grace and Meg who will have grown a lot and will be gorgeous. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx

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    • Dear Margarita, I’m so pleased to see your name in the comments here. I appreciate you probably don’t always feel like writing. I shall assume you are reading and please don’t worry about replying if you are not feeling like it. I understand completely. The weather here is a bonus. I have managed to clear the greenhouse and put in a comfy chair and beds for Meg and Grace. There’s a biscuit tin, radio and kettle. I’m all set for winter. Life is all about making yourself happy. Even with small things such as this. Finding joy in little things. I’m just taking some magazines and garden flowers to the village to a lady who needs comfort. I forget about my own pain if I’m doing a kindness to someone else. Sending love and affectionate greetings your way. Hope you have a good day today and tomorrow will be even brighter. Your Father would have wanted you to be happy. Xxx

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      • Dear Karen, thank you very much for your kind and sincere words: I will listen to you if I can. You have a heart of gold. Always attending to people who need love, like that Lady you take magazines and flowers from the garden. I am very glad that you have already prepared the Greenhouse for the winter in the company of Grace and Meg that will have grown a lot and it will surely be beautiful. Much love and health to you and yours. Take care Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx

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  3. Comfort and flexibility are key plus the tabs makes them sound perfect. I’ve teied so many different kinds of gloves but these sound perfect Karen, thank you for writing about them.

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  4. It’s surprisingly difficult to find hard wearing gloves that feel like a second skin if you’re on a tight budget. Worth the investment though when you weigh up the potential risk.

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  5. These look absolutely super, Karen, thanks for the information. I need lots of different kinds of gloves, gardening in Sussex and southern France, but these look as though they could almost do *all* the necessary jobs! I wholeheartedly support your advice on protection and covering up by the way …

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  6. I look forward to your e-mails as I’ve taken a keen interest in gardening after retiring. After reading your blog about the possibility of sepsis I must admit I’m now paranoid about wearing gloves in the garden! These gloves sound amazing!

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  7. It’s a full time job!

    I was particularly taken with your garlic bulbs. There is a nice climate down on that South Coast, especially the I-O-W. I can understand why a pleasant garlic flavour develops.

    The gloves seem to have a lot going for them. I would be very interested in them. I bought two new pairs earlier this year, one pair being lightweight Bamboo. The heavier pair are safer with my Euphorbia, not sure about anything else. This is all on the assumption that I will over my accident and will be able to get back to end of year garden tidying.

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    • Oh dear, I didn’t realise you’d had an accident. Hope you heal speedily. Yes, there’s such a lot to do. I’m having to rethink how much I can manage too. I had a car crash many years ago and had to learn to walk again following a fractured spine and several broken bones. I took 6 years to recover and have been fine. Just recently, it’s started to take its toll. I need to downsize on the number of plant pots that need lifting. All the best. X

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  8. Yes do put my name in the hat…great to hear that they are cool too, after a couple of hours in the garden, at any time of the year, good gloves are an asset. I threw out all my old gloves and have been wearing a pair of ordinary old leather gloves but these are of course worn through now.

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    • Thank you Noelle. Will do. Good luck in the draw. Before all these garden gloves came on to the market, I used to just use household marigold gloves. Got very hot and sticky, and one tiny puncture, and your glove would fill with compost. Thanks for reading.


  9. I wonder if my name could be put in a hat with my Mum’s UK address? I had to remove a huge bramble and got two nasty tiny thorns in my finger and thumb last week despite wearing TWO pairs of gloves on top of each other! My partner managed to remove them entirely by using his microscope! I thought of you and vowed to invest in some better gloves, but leather-free is hard to find here.

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  10. Love reading your posts so informative and interesting and they make me get on with tasks although limited at moment as broken humerus is putting stop to most things although managed to sow some seeds with one hand! Thank you for taking the time to write very much appreciated x

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    • Thank you Sarah. That’s such a lovely thing to say. That’s just why I write, to encourage anyone to have a go, even if it’s a few seeds for windowsill herbs. Hope you injury heals swiftly. I’ve had a few broken limbs in the past. I was incredibly frustrated and impatient for them to heal. There was one time I couldn’t reach the greenhouse for a year. After a car crash, I had to learn to walk again and no gardening for many years. Perhaps that’s why I love every minute I spend in the garden now. Making up for lost time. x


    • Dear Sarah. You didn’t win the gloves draw, but there’s some gorgeous books coming up when I get round to writing the review, with most to give away. Perfect while you are recovering from your broken bones. Keep a look out please


  11. Thanks for the very important t reminder of being careful with our hands and boy generally out of doors. I’m far to casual about such things, especailly with horse care. Although it is important to have skin to skin hands on with my horse. I tend not to remember with other aspects of care.

    Those gloves look to have really useful additions, especially if I’m not wearing anything with pockets.

    Mmm…I will put these on my Xmas list.

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  12. Love reading your posts so interesting and informative and makes me get on and do tasks although broken humerus at moment is putting stop to a lot although managed to sow some seeds with one hand! Thank you for taking time to write very inspirational and appreciated x

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  13. Really appreciate your review on these gloves. I’m constantly trying to find a pair that will stand up to the allotment chores and that are comfortable, durable and not restrictive

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    • Thank you Jan. Sorry to hear about your injury. Mine was such a tiny splinter from a wooden handle. Had to have three lots of antibiotics and then the infection went into my elbow joint. Not fun. Good luck in the draw. Thanks for reading.

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