Lilies: New Book Giveaway Winner

Many thanks to everyone who read my review of Naomi Slade’s new book, Lilies – beautiful varieties for home and garden. I wrote the review here:

The winner is: Darran Jaques. Names were put into a random generator and computer selected.

The next book up for review and giveaway is the stunning and unusual The Flower Yard by Arthur Parkinson. Pages are full of exotic tulips and jewel-coloured dahlias and, it has to be said, lovely little bantam hens! Coming soon…

Meanwhile, here’s some more photos of lilies from Naomi’s book, as quite honestly one can’t have enough pictures of lilies to drool over. They are absolutely glorious. Enjoy your week everyone, and thanks for reading my blog and getting in touch. It’s always appreciated.

Lilium Mascara
Lilium African Queen

African Queen

Lilies is published by Pavilion RRP £25. Photographs by Georgianna Lane.

5 thoughts on “Lilies: New Book Giveaway Winner

  1. Congratulations to the winner! Enjoy a lot of this magnificent book by Naomi Slade on Lilies: I love it! It’s a wonderful book with great photos and lots of information on growing and caring for lilies – it’s fabulous. Karen forgives not having written in so long on your blogs, nor have I checked the mail: I am very depressed and I do not know when I will write again. Karen I am very sorry that you have had a family illness since Christmas: I heartily wish that you recover and regain health very soon. I hope you and your whole family are in good health. I send a lot of love to Merlin, the three chickens and the Three Musketeers. For your family, Mr B and for you a lot of love and strength. Happy weekend. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx 😘🤗💟🌸

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  2. Hi Karen, just to say how much l enjoy your garden mails ,l am new to this sort of communication ,so hope am successful with this ,thank you again ,from Jean☺️☺️

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    • Hello Jean, so good to hear from you. I must admit, I’ve not been able to write very much since Christmas due to family illness. However, it’s so lovely to find that my readers have not deserted me. You are very welcome to mooch around my plot (virtually ) any time you like. It’s a very peaceful place -even if it’s weed -filled and wild. Take care and all the best. And thanks again for getting in touch. Karen 🌸


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