Views from my garden 29 May 2021

It’s a while since I’ve joined in with the Six on Saturday meme. Caring for family members has had to come first. However, here’s a few photos from my garden diary today. Have a great bank holiday weekend. The sun has decided to shine at last, and there’s no rain, so we can all start to get on in the garden.

The last of the tulips. My favourite white tulip, Mount Tacoma.

Double tulips seem to last longer than singles. Petals keep opening out until the flowers are almost flat. Some tulips are better at coming back into flower each year and this one is reliable here, planted in a sunny border, baked dry in the summer. This is the secret of keeping tulip bulbs going. Plant them in maximum sun where the soil will dry out to give them a dormant period. You can also plant them at the base of deciduous trees, which will also give them a dry period, as trees take all the moisture in summer. Tulips will flower the following year before the trees come into leaf. Tulips planted in rich soil are pulled up, stored dry over summer, and replanted in November. I’ve also tried planting them in plastic pond containers, which are simply lifted out of the ground and stored at the back of the shed for the summer. The holes left in the ground are then filled with tender salvias which have been stored in the poly tunnel over winter.

Double – late flowering tulip Carnival de Nice is sometimes mistaken for a peony. Red and white striped petals slowly unfold until the flowers are flat. Lasts 10 days in a vase as a cut flower.

Here’s some more tulips still in flower today. Cold temperatures and rain virtually every day in May has suited tulips. They have provided a much-needed cheerful display all through spring.

We think this is Pink Diamond. It came in a cut flower collection from Gee Tee Bulbs. Extremely long-lasting flowers. Strong and resilient.
Flamboyant Parrot tulip, Texas Flame. Looks lovely amongst the blue love-in-a-mist flower buds just opening. These are enormous flowers when fully open, almost the size of my hand.
There are still some parrot tulips in bud.
The darkest plum coloured tulip is Queen of the Night. Some varieties offered under this name can be almost black. But they have a habit of ‘melting’ in wet conditions. And they don’t always come back the next year. I like this velvety deep red strain from Taylors Bulbs. Flowers are long lasting and cope with the rain. They have reliably returned for four years now, and seem to be increasing in number too.

The last tulip to flower here is Bleu Aimable. This single late tulip has lavender, mauve and blue shades. Flower colour improves with age. A great way to end the tulip season with a flourish.

Thank you for reading my blog. Are you heading out into the garden this weekend to catch up on jobs? The weeds have got away from me here, as it’s been so wet. But with lots of tea and cake and a determined list of tasks, I’m hoping to get on top of them. Have a great weekend!

15 thoughts on “Views from my garden 29 May 2021

  1. Karen I am sincerely sorry that you have family members to take care of: I hope they regain their health very soon. Karen your tulips are magnificent and you are very lucky that on this date they are in bloom and so beautiful. I love Mount Tacoma white, it is divine. Carnival de Nice is fabulous, as beautiful as a peony with its sublime colors. Pink Diamond is classy and I love it. Parrot flamingo, Texas llama is spectacular, great, I love it. Queen of the Night has a wonderful color. Bleu Aimable is divine. Much health, strength, encouragement and much love for your whole family, Mr B and for you. I continue with my great depression: tomorrow I go to the psychiatrist. I wish you all the best. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx 😘💟🌷💚

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    • Thank you Margarita. It’s been a very difficult time. I’ll write about it soon. I’m sorry you are ill with depression. I am sure the psychiatrist will be able to help you. Sending all my love and encouragement. From all of us. Very affective greetings. Karen xxxx 🌸💚🌸🌷


    • Thank you Pauline. The weather has turned really warm and sunny, so today I’m picking the rest of the parrot tulips and pulling up the bulbs, putting them in a plastic pot and keeping on watering them until they die back. I’ve so many salvias to plant, I have to use the holes the tulips made to fill them today. Have a great week . All the best. Karen


  2. How excellent that tulips bloom so late! I still have not grown them. I can not remember the last time I did. I will some day! They are not reliably perennial here, and tend to bloom at the end of winter, before the rain stops. Is Mount Tacoma sort of greenish on the exterior? I do like the white, but the floral form is a bit too fancy for my simple taste. (Although, simple Maureen looks like an egg on a stick.)

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  3. Our daughter from Denmark was with us for five weeks, and I did no gardening whosoever! Luckily our weather was rather cold, and I’ve been able to weed for half an hour a day after her departure. Wild flowers claimed many bare spots, and I’ve decided to just enjoy them.

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  4. Gorgeous tulips, I am partial to the parrots. Our weather is opposite of yours, we’re getting much needed rain after below average rainfall and summery temps. The temp on Wed. was 30C, today it is 5! Had to light a fire in the stove to take the chill off. My poor tender annuals already planted out, I hope they make it.

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    • I’m planting all my tender bedding out today and keeping my fingers crossed. Surely that’s it for the frost! Do hope your plants are ok. Such a lot of work goes into growing them. Good luck. x

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