Hoby Open Gardens

On a still summer’s evening, the church bell sounded the hour, and a flock of geese took flight from the lake. 

I was standing on the edge of the ha ha at Glebe House,  looking over the pasture lands that would once have been owned by the clergy. It’s a sight that gladdens the heart. Undulating wildflower meadows with contented sheep asleep in the shade  of ancient oak and lime trees. 

This is the perfect place to stand and survey the garden. Scent drifts from the roses planted all along the old brick walls. And there’s a tantalising view through an archway, wreathed with honeysuckle and climbing roses. 

Rosa Shot Silk makes a glorious background for the drifts of allium Purple Sensation. 
The hypocaust wall would have once had peaches, apricots and figs. Food for the clergy at the rectory next door.  Owners Steve and Diane  Horsfield say the clergy would have had rather a nice life here. They dined on shellfish from fishponds in the meadows below. The couple have been digging up quantities of shells all around the garden ever since they moved in. 

Rosa Mutabilis with euphorbia, alliums and nepeta. There’s a first floor garden room to take in the views.


The views from the ha ha. 

Rosa Crown Princess Margareta in the foreground.

Crown Princess Margareta. 

Glebe House in Hoby, Leicestershire, will be open on Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th June 2016 from 11am t0 5pm along with 11 other gardens to raise funds for All Saints Church. Tickets cost £5.  There will be lunch in the village hall and cream teas at Glebe House and Redwood. Pimms, ice creams and  a plant stall  can be found around the village, and an art exhibition in the church. The car park will be in Thrussington Road (LE14 3EB) 

I was lucky enough to have a preview of the gardens when I joined the BBC Radio Leicester Down to Earth gardening team. You can hear more on the programme today  (12th June) at 12 noon on 104.9FM and on i player. 

A favourite of mine was Clematis Cottage.The Montana clematis (I think it’s Marjorie) seems to be trying to climb in through the bedroom window. Just heavenly! Don’t you agree?

22 thoughts on “Hoby Open Gardens

  1. Gorgeous photos at a beautiful location. It reminds me of scenes from Midsomer Murders or Rosemary and Thyme – two shows I watch here in the US. I’ve never been to England other than to change planes in Heathrow on my way to Scotland. But, the beautiful scenery and gardens always strike me in the TV shows. 🙂

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    • It’s just like that! Really old fashioned country village. If you ever get the chance to come this way again, I’ll show you around. Thanks for the comment. I’m enjoying this blogging hobby I’ve just started. It’s great to connect with like-minded people around the world. Also on Twitter @kgimson

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      • Followed you on twitter. I’m @2ndheartmom on there. I definitely would like to get back over there and bring my daughter along!

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      • let me know if you ever get the chance. I would be happy to show you some beautiful village gardens. Also look up Stoneywell, national trust, which is near us too. Just gorgeous.

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    • It’s a good way to grow this rose, which is a little bit tender. The wall gives protection. Also it’s the perfect colour set against old brick. Thanks for your comments.


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