Weeds. Geranium robertianum

I’m writing a piece about weeds at the moment. Suddenly, in the sunshine, after all that cold weather, weeds have gone whoosh!

In my woodland garden, there are thousands of wild geranium, robertianum. It has so many common names: herb Robert, stork’s bill, crane’s bill, red robin, stinking Bob, fox geranium, cuckoo flower.

“Herb Robert is very familiar. It lives with man: much as the robin flips into his garden and to his back door” – Geoffrey Grigson- The Englishman’s Flora.

I’m enjoying reading up and investigating more about this common weed we usually pass by without noticing. And meanwhile, a posy of herb Robert sits in my potting shed window today. Mixed in with some wild violets -which are so numerous they could be considered a weed. Both very pretty indeed.

What “weeds” are growing in your garden right now.

30 thoughts on “Weeds. Geranium robertianum

  1. I have a soft spot for herb Robert – probably because of its geranium heritage. We have it here (lots!) as you will have noticed but it is easy to pull out if it goes too far. We have the occasional white version appearing sometimes too

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    • I’ve found a white one today by the pond. Very pretty in the shade. It’s very easy to control. Unlike bindweed which I’ve accidentally introduced to the garden and I’m kicking myself for being so careless. It’s spread over a whole bed and will be a right pain to dig out.


      • Oh no – I only find bindweed in one bed and it seems to come from our neighbour’s 😦 but it has never flowered so I know it’s not too much at home 🙂 Hope you manage to get rid of yours…

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  2. Karen your vase of Geranium robertianum and wild Violets I love it. We arrived at the country house on the 23rd of last month at night. The next day the grass did not go beyond the soles of a sneaker. Now you reach a span above the ankle in the lower areas. There is everything. And the worst thing is that my hip and leg are so bad that I have not done anything in the garden in all this time. I have to pass whatever the lawn mower. Greetings and memories with love for your Mother and for you Karen love. Take care. Loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • So sorry to hear about your hip and leg Margarita. Have you seen the battery mowers from Stihl. They are very lightweight and easy to use. I will write a review of one for you. Here too the grass and the weeds have gone whoosh! I have decided which beds I’m going to concentrate on, and which I am allowing to revert to the wild. Much love and many greetings to you and your family. Karen xx


  3. You’re not talking to yourself, Karen. Your observations are always very interesting. I have Herb Robert (as I’ve called it since being introduced to it at a very young age by my mother) at the nursery. Although the flower is pretty, I find the smell very unpleasant! It has to be weeded out before it seeds, otherwise it would be everywhere!

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    • Thank you Mary. That’s so reassuring. Isn’t it interesting how many people can’t abide the smell, whereas it doesn’t really bother me. Thanks again for reading and leaving a comment. See you soon x


  4. I actually bought a plant of a white form of this Geranium. Sadly, the plant wasn’t in good shape on arrival and soon passed to a better world. I’ve admired the regular pink-flowered plants when I’ve encountered them in parks. As for weeds in my garden, the pesky little shepherd’s purse, Capsella bursa-pastoris, is very pretty, with dainty, lacy foliage and tiny white flowers. I almost hate to pull them up.

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    • Yes, I’ve got that shepherd’s purse too. Pretty- but invasive. I’ve got the white geranium too, although I don’t remember planting it. It’s very pretty growing in deep shade. Enjoy your Bank Holiday Audrey. Thanks for reading.

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