#wordlesswednesday- Malus Wedding Bouquet- with the Royal Wedding in mind.

Crab apple trees are among my favourites. I love the spring blossom- and then there’s the fruit in the autumn, which makes wonderful jams and jellies.

Malus Wedding Bouquet is highly recommended. It has soft pink buds which open ivory white and mature to a dazzling pure white. Finely tapering green leaves turn red in the autumn. Very disease resistant, it grows to 3.5m by 2.5m, although can be easily pruned to keep in a smaller space.

We’ve got our patriotic flags and bunting out, and my grandmother’s coronation glassware trifle bowls- all set for Saturday. Whatever you’ve got planned, enjoy your weekend celebrations.

17 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday- Malus Wedding Bouquet- with the Royal Wedding in mind.

  1. Do you know what is better than a flowering crabapple tree? Well, not much. But, you know what is better, even if it is not as pretty, is a ‘fruiting apple tree’! Those from the east enjoy apple trees like we appreciate apricot trees. I totally get it!

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  2. Karen the flower of your crab apple tree I love it. You are ready for the Royal Wedding of Saturday: flags and that beautiful glass of your Grandmother of another Royal Wedding. Tomorrow I imagine that you will be watching the Wedding on television as well as other acts and information. Not every day a Prince of your Country gets married: you have to see it and enjoy it. You have a great time. With your permission, please, I’m going to ask you about the Dahlias. I planted them in pots and they have come out and grown not much. The problem is in the Dahlia Lilac Time. Two branches separated by an inch have come out. The height is more than 15 cm and they already have real leaves that are going to unfold. Can not survive so close together? Do I have to separate them by cutting the rhizome? But how do I do it? Please help me with this problem with the Dahlia please. With you I have more confidence to tell you. Thank you very much. Live the Boyfriends! Here in Spain the Royal Wedding is also broadcast and I will see it for a while. A lot of love and memories for your Mother. For you Karen health and love. Loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • Hi Margarita. Thank you for your kind comments, your dahlia should be fine. Basal cuttings can be taken when they are 3” tall. When your two shoots are 40cm tall, pinch out the growing tips to encourage branching. Allow 7 stems to develop for small flowers. If you want huge flowers, allow 3 to 5 stems to develop. Keep in touch and let me know how it’s going. Feed with potash to make flowers. Don’t use nitrogen or you will just get lots of leafy growth and no flowers. Protect from slugs. Good luck. Love karen xx

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      • Karen thank you very much for your indications about the Dahlias, I will follow them as you told me. Karen, you are a fabulous gardener and friend. I have already been able to cut the grass with the mower by removing the storage tank from the cut grass, because it weighed a lot and I had to bend down to remove it to empty it and put it back on. I have let the cut grass come out shredded from behind and little by little I will sweep it away and remove it in small piles and if it stops raining I will let it dry with the sun and crumble by itself. Of course, my leg and my hip ended so badly that I’ve been in bed for two days, but I got my way and cut the grass. Karen a lot of love, health and take care 🙂 For your Mother fond memories and love. Loving greetings from Margarita

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