#wordlesswednesday – RHS Chatsworth

Cosmos Razzmatazz. 12,000 of them!

This is the first mass planting at an RHS Flower Show. Cosmos, an annual daisy that hails from Mexico, is planted on a bank between Chatsworth House and the River Derwent. There will be two more mass plantings this summer; Verbena bonariensis at RHS Hampton Court and Rudbeckia Prairie Sun at RHS Tatton Park.

Packets of annual seeds are relatively inexpensive. They often contain hundreds of seeds. So you too could create your own “river of flowers.” Bees and butterflies love them too.

RHS Chatsworth is open until 10th June.

25 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday – RHS Chatsworth

  1. What a wonderful sight! They used cosmos as part of the planting scheme in the local town centre park to great effect last year – more formal but still a break from tradirional bedding

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  2. Karen is something incredible, wonderful, 12,000 identical cosmos together. I love it, it must be a magical meadow to be there. I’ve missed you, I’m glad you’re back. I hope you are in good health with so much work. If you want to see my new blog https://margaritaexam141.wordpress.com Memories with love for your Mother. For you Karen, my friend, love and health. Have a good weekend. Take care. Loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • Thank you Margarita. I’ve missed you too. Life has been rather hectic with Chelsea flower show and now Chatsworth, and family and work. There’s never a spare moment to write anything. I’ll have a look at your blog tonight. Something to look forward to when I get home. My husband and I are off to the in laws now to help look after their garden. We go every Saturday to cut the grass, hedges and weed and plant. My mum cooks a supper for us when we have finished. It’s very fortunate that she lives next door to them, so we have plenty of cups of tea and biscuits while we work :)) xx


    • Missed you at Chatsworth. Looked for you on press day. It was a spectacular sight in front of the house and alongside the lake. Quite stunning. See you soon x


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