In a Vase on Monday – cut flowers from my garden

Despite the drought, my cut flower beds provide a steady flow of blooms for my MIL Joan and my Mum Marion. Here are a few of my favourites for this week’s IAVOM.

Chrysanthemum Rainbow Mixed- from Mr Fothergill’s – were sown in March, planted out at the end of May, and flower right through June to October. Seeds cost £1.75 a packet. I’m always looking for good value for money and these fit the bill.

In this tiny posy, I’ve placed them with cosmos, fringed dianthus, and sprigs of blue agapanthus. They’ll last five days in a vase.

Colours range from white and pale pink to red, all with lovely chocolate coloured centres.

Looks good with white goat’s rue, Galega Alba from Chiltern Seeds. Pure white spikes of pea-like flowers from June to September.

With white Catanache alba from Mr fothergill’s seeds.

With fringed pinks, meant to be grown as annuals, but are in their second year. Chiltern Seeds have a pretty frilly variety here.

Add in some easy to grow cosmos. This one is Seashells from Thompson and Morgan. Ferny foliage is an added bonus and excellent for making button holes or filling out bouquets.

Looks fabulous with Verbena Pink Spires, a perennial plant from Miles Nurseries, Hoby, Leicestershire. Never seems to be out of flower.

I wrote about my cut flower garden – and sharing the plot with hedgehogs and other wildlife Here.

Thanks to Cathy for hosting this IAVOM meme. Why not take a look to see what Cathy and all the others are growing and displaying. It’s fascinating to see that sometimes we are growing the same varieties in different countries all around the world.

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32 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – cut flowers from my garden

  1. Sorry to hear you’re still suffering from drought, Karen, your flowers are pretty and cheerful though and it’s good to have some tough ones in the garden. Hope you’ll get rain soon. Happy Indian summer 🙂

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    • Thank you Dan. After all that drought and heat, I’m just glad to have anything at all in the garden. Thanks for reading and getting in touch. All the best.karen


  2. It was worth looking through your list of flowers a second time…I am sure your bouquets had lots of admiring glances. I planted some annual Chrysanthemum seeds which I had lying around in my seed box for YEARS…and some came up. They look magnificent during the day and attract many insects…but they do close up at night. I hadn’t thought of cutting them, but now I’ve seen you arrangement…I am tempted!

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    • Thank you Noelle. They last 5 days in a vase if cut first thing in the morning and plunged straight into a bucket of ice cold water. So glad yours came up. I’ve got some seed left over, so it’s good to know it lasts from year to year. Thanks again for reading and getting in touch. All the best. Karen


  3. I have never even considered annual chrysanthemums and don’t think I have even heard of them – definitely one we will all be trying next year now…thanks Karen! The Seashells cosmos is pretty too. Good to hear what you say about the verbena as that is one I have added this year – mine are much taller than I expected and I may need to move them further back in the borders

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    • Thanks Christina. I discovered them last summer. It’s nice to have something easy and reliable for a change. I don’t mind struggling along with plants that need nurturing, but it’s nice to have plants like these growing alongside that just sort of look after themselves and perform without drama! I’m sure you know what I mean. This summer has been such a hard one in the garden, and also in the family, with lots of illness. I’ve been grateful for some easy-going plants to be honest.

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  4. Karen your photos are magnificent as your vase that I love. I feel it does not rain: I wish with all my heart to do it very soon and for a while to alleviate the drought. All the flowers of the bouquet I love. The Rainbow Mixed Chrysanthemum I really like the Cosmos Seashells. The Galega Alba is beautiful. The white Catanche alba is divine. The fringed Dianthus is wonderful. I love the Verbena Pink Spiers. I’ve been researching links and there are precious flowers in seeds. Thank you very much for them. They are a vase with divine flowers, beautiful, wonderful. Karen walking through the beds of cut flowers in your garden should be walking through paradise. Give memories and love to your Mother from me and get better soon. For your family love and health. Karen love and health. Take care. Loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • How I love your summaries of my posts, Margarita. I sit smiling at every description. It means that I have managed to paint a picture of my garden and my love for my flowers, fruit and vegetables growing here. I must admit, it is not as beautiful as most gardens, but it is my own little space where I can do as I like and try to grow as many flowers as I can. I enjoy the challenge. Everyone’s health seems to be improving, thank you. We perhaps have a lull in the storm. For now. Loving greetings to you and your family. Love from karen xx


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