Prize Draw Winner -Slot Planter

Last week I wrote about Slot Planters as an alternative to plastic. Company owners Kay and Colin kindly offered a planter for a prize draw. Names were put into a cheese dome, apparently. Kay and Colin didn’t have a hat! I couldn’t stop laughing, to be honest. Anyway, a name was randomly pulled out of the cheese dome and Creoscribe won the draw.

I am delighted with my planter and I wish Colin and Kay all the best with their new product. They are a lovely couple with lots of enthusiasm, and a sense of humour – which always helps! I like to support British companies, and although I’m not giving up my plastic trays, I’m trying not to buy any more if I can help it. The plastic I have here will be carefully used, washed and reused. But if I can think of alternatives I’ll try them out and report back on the blog. I’ll be buying several more planters in different sizes for the coming growing season.

I’m just about to transplant my edible peas into the veg plot. Peas are hardy, but it’s best to start them off indoors as they are a tasty treat for mice and pigeons. I’m going to use the Slot Planter for sweet peas now. Here’s what the cut flower patch looked like last summer. Gladioli came from Tee Gee Bulbs.

Sweet pea Wiltshire Ripple is a favourite. Flowers over a long period and is very pretty. Lasts well in a vase.

Thank you everyone who read the review, commented and took part in the prize draw. Please let me know if you have tried anything new in your garden. It’s good to share ideas.

Links: I wrote the review here :

Slot Planter :

Sweet peas :

Gee Tee Bulbs:

7 thoughts on “Prize Draw Winner -Slot Planter

  1. Karen congratulate the winner on my behalf! The photos are wonderful as the flowers you have! The peas grow very well in the Slot Planter. I love the photos from last year of the gladioli and the sweet pea. Today enters the astronomical Spring in Spain at 22:58 hours. We will also have a supermoon, the last of 2019, which will be visible to the naked eye throughout the night because in Madrid the sky is clear (if we do not count the pollution). So it’s to celebrate. The tree that I have next to my window is already throwing the leaves. The bad news: the population of sparrows in Madrid has decreased in the last 5 years by three million, appalling. I used to hear from my table that is next to the window to the sparrows tweet and in time of zeal to pimp the males in fights and the curtain ran and I saw them and I laughed with them. We fed them in Winter and they came to flocks. Now if you see two an isolated day I get super happy. Even the parrots that had disappeared almost, there are very few. With the joy of my tree and the one that gives the room full of blackbirds and sparrows. Sorry to tell you about this, but yesterday I saw the news on the Madrid news and I had to tell you about it. My congratulations again to the winner of the book, that I enjoy it very much. Karen love, health and strength for your family and for you. Take care and rest. Have a good week and the weather is good. Loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • Dear Margarita, I’m sorry to hear about your birds. Here too, there are no sparrows. Not even one. And there are far fewer of the other birds than in the past. Also something is wrong in our pond. We only have one lump of frogspawn. This is a disaster for our garden. I do not use chemicals, but I rely on the frogs to eat the slugs and snails. There seem to be about 20 frogs in the pond, and lots of splashing going on, but no frogspawn being produced. It’s so sad. However, something cheerful…. tonight we saw our barn owl gliding over the top of the hedge and down the field boundary. It looked very strong and healthy. It’s been a difficult few weeks for the owls. High winds and rain meant they could not hunt. We saw them sitting in the hedgerows looking bedraggled around here. We are hoping for barn owl chicks again this year. Something hopeful. Love karen xx


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