BBC Radio Leicester Gardening show. Link to the programme. Starts at 3.14.50

Talking from the potting shed again, working from home, for the BBC Radio Leicester gardening programme. The gardening section starts at 3.14.50 on the timeline. We had questions from Ash about growing lemon trees. And a question from Christine about growing foxgloves from seed.

Here’s a video from my greenhouse this week. Some of the citrus need cleaning up, but the bees are enjoying the flowers at the moment. The trees will be moved outdoors next week when this unusual cold spell passes and we return to higher temperatures and sunshine. They will do well outdoors in a sheltered place.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your week. Karen

8 thoughts on “BBC Radio Leicester Gardening show. Link to the programme. Starts at 3.14.50

  1. Karen working on the BBC Radio Leicester Gardening program from your garden shed at your home is wonderful. Your lemon is divine. Karen thank you very much for the video of your Greenhouse with the bees eating on the citrus flowers, I love it !!!! In fantastic, divine, wonderful. You have made my day. You will already take the lemon and orange trees out of the Greenhouse and make them divine with a good cleaning of bad leaves and some compost and your magic touch. Health, strength, encouragement, hope, positive thinking and a lot of love for all your family, Mr B and for yourself. Keep everyone safe. Loving caresses to Grace and Meg, and the little kitten if it arrives. Happy weekend. Much love to all. Very loving greetings from Margarita Xxx

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      • Karen had already had a bad right shoulder for a few days. On Friday the 5th of the afternoon he gave me a tug from the right part of my neck at the level of the ear, passing through the muscles of the scapula and the top part, the shoulder, the whole arm up to the fingers. The biceps got like hard iron and my fingers hurt a lot when I moved them. I went to a physiotherapy clinic that I have next to the house and that I have already visited more times, to see if they could give me an emergency massage and they strained and relaxed me so that I could bend my arm at least. They said it was full of contractures and that I should come back today Wednesday the 10th. They gave me an hour and a half massage and they removed a lot of contractures and then my muscles relaxed. But we have arranged for Wednesday of next week for another massage. And I’ll still have to give myself another one. I am writing this with my left hand. So I have not written anything. I hope you are all OK. Much love for all your family and for you. Take good care of yourself and keep all of you and your family safe. I wish you the best. Very loving greetings from Margarita Xxx

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      • Oh no! That sounds so painful! So sorry to read this dear Margarita. I’m praying the physio will ease the problem. Thank you for writing to me, even though it has been difficult. Il keep you in my thoughts. Lots of love to you all. Loving greetings from Meg, Grace and the girls. Keep strong xxx


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