In a Vase on Monday – Jan 6 2020

I’m back to work today, so I’m posting a review of my past #IAVOM projects, one for each month of the year.

Good luck to everyone who’s back to work, school or college today. The days are getting lighter, ever so slightly, so we’ll be able to spend our evenings in the garden again soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy my ‘slide show’ of photos from my garden, though the year.


Paperwhite narcissi, black hellebores, pittosporum and eucalyptus foliage. Decorating a willow wreath with flowers in a jam jar hidden inside a moss kokadama ball.


Snowdrops, crocus, cyclamen coum, puschkinia.


Tulip Exotic Emperor, Narcissi Geranium, hyacinth, orange wallflower, and Westonbirt dogwood stems.


Hyacinth Woodstock, pink hellebore, pink comfrey, daphne and forget-me-nots.


Forget me nots and Jack by the Hedge( Alliaria petiolata)


Roses, Gertrude Jekyll and Constance Spry with a lace frill edge of wild elder flower.


White daisies and larkspur, Blue Boy cornflower, with a frill of Ammi majus.


Sweet peas, carnations and verbena bonariensis.


Blue shades gladioli, cosmos and dahlia Nuit deEte.

October (early)

Sunflowers and calendula Snow Princess.

October (late)

All of the garden, fuchsia, salvia,rudbeckia, aster, cornflower, white anemone, sedum, argyranthemum.


Dahlia David Howard and blue borage.


Sedum wreath on a moss-filled wire heart. No flower foam has been used again this year. Flowers are pressed into moss or plunged into tiny test tubes hidden amongst the foliage.


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Links: In a Vase on Monday : Thanks to Cathy for hosting #IAVOM

Bulbs and corms from Gee Tee Bulbs :

Seeds from Mr Fothergills :

Sweet pea seeds:

Heritage sweet peas and garden to visit :

Flower farmer courses and willow wreath-making at Common Farm Flowers:

30 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Jan 6 2020

    • Thank you Cathy. What strange weather we are having. It’s now 10C. Last night it was 10.5C and I stood in the garden in my dressing gown listening to the owls hooting and mice scampering about the hedgerows. And it was not cold!!! Usually it’s perishing and silent in January. We even had a dawn chorus this morning. Do hope the birds don’t start making nests….

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  1. Karen so many wonderful floral arrangements have left me speechless. I can only smile and my heart has become very very happy to see so much beauty. I love them, I love each and every one of your magnificent arrangements. I love each and every one of the flowers and their colors so divine. It is joy, it is life, it is a song to happiness. Karen I thank you for this great blog that summarizes not all your arrangements last year. I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you continue making so many wonderful arrangements for many, many more years my dear friend. Happy 2020 Year of gardening. Karen a lot of love, a lot of health, a lot of courage, a lot of strength for your whole family, Mr B and for you. Loving caresses for Grace and Meg. Take care of you all very much and be very happy. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx

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    • Thank you Margarita. A very Happy 2020 for you too! Together we can make it happy with a lot of strength and love and courage. Affectionate greetings from us all xxx


    • Thank you Alison. I’m just pondering on some spring flower door wreaths for the summerhouse. I soon miss the Christmas decorations. Have a good week. Thanks for reading 🙂


    • Thank you Mary. Feels slightly colder today, but the days are getting a bit lighter at each end. There’s a saying isn’t there, as the days get longer, the cold strengthens. We perhaps need some cold to kill pests and diseases. Have a good week. Xx


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