Winner of Dahlias book by Naomi Slade

Congratulations to June at The Cynical Gardener who has won my prize draw for a copy of Naomi Slade’s new book, Dahlias.

I wrote a review of the book Here.

I absolutely love the book, and find I’m dipping into it whenever I sit down and rest a moment in my potting shed armchair.

The book features mouth-watering photographs by Georgianna Lane. It’s easy to read and there are lots of hints and tips on getting the best out of your dahlias.

Who could resist these lovely, brightly-coloured single varieties.

Here’s some photos of my own dahlias in my cut flower patch. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the newer varieties highlighted in the book. I’m particularly keen to try the dark red and chocolate types, as well as the cheerful sounding “happy” series.

Some of mine have been grown from seed. They produce good size plants in one year.

Dahlias will be published by Pavilion Books on 2nd August, RRP price £25. Here’s the Amazon link for more information.

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23 thoughts on “Winner of Dahlias book by Naomi Slade

  1. Lovely Dahlias, Karen. You photos have given me the idea to grow flowers in my veggie patch in the summer rather than struggling with tomatoes and fruit fly and so on. Your last dahlia is particularly lovely with the drops of water on the petals….must have been the hose!


  2. Hi Karen, I hope your in-laws are cured and very healthy. I missed you. Congratulations to the winner of the book! I read in the comments that you have been to Belvoir Castle working for Rainbows Hospice. You have a heart that is a treasure. You say you’re tired and you go home. Take care of your health, which is very important for many people, the first YOU. My Dahlias have not grown, I do not have the vase promised for you. Many memories and love for your Mother from me. A lot of love and health for your whole family. Karen for you love and health. Loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • Dear Margarita, thank you for your loving comments. I am fine. Just very tired. It was worth it though as we raised lots of money for Rainbows Hospice for children and -also- not wishing to brag, but we won Best in Show. Hurray! The competition was very good. All the other gardens were first class. Sorry to hear about ir poor dahlias. Mine too are poor this year. No rain for at least two months, and I have not watered them. I’m hoping the rains will come soon and they will burst into life. I’ve only had a handful of flowers. I bet you could grow agapanthus in pots where you are. They would look wonderful in a vase. I wish I lived nearer so that I could properly advise. You will have to post more photos on your blog and then I might have a better idea what to suggest. Certainly containers are the way to go as you don’t have to worry about weeds. Much love and greetings to you family. My father in law is now out of hospital, but had a fall after just one day at home. And my mother has been ill too and is on the mend. It’s been a very very worrying time! Greetings to your parents. Love from karen xxx


      • Karen, I’m so sorry that your Mother was sick, I hope she’s recovered and full of greetings. I am sorry that your Father-in-law has just fallen out of the hospital. I hope he has not been harmed and still at home with his recovery. I’m glad you’ve raised a lot of money for Rainbows Hospice. You are a love saying that I regret not being closer to me to be able to advise me with the plants. I would also like very much if we lived an hour by car as much, we would help each other a lot. The Dahlias have not grown at all, they will measure at most 40 cm high. Does not matter. Thank you for recommending that you grow agapanthus in pots. I’m sorry it does not rain, your garden will be going very badly if you do not water a bit. However, here we have two weeks of strong storms with torrential rains. It’s wonderful because it does not make any heat, just heavy flies. I wish with all my heart that it rains very soon. Karen, you’re a treasure of a friend. I wish you the best. Love. Loving greetings from Margarita.

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      • Thank you Margarita. Don’t give up on your dahlias. I feel they might flower yet. It is early for them still. Keep watering with a half strength tomato fertiliser, one that says high in potash, or some straight sulphate of potash granules, and all might be well. They love lots of water too. If you feed them with nitrogen feeds you will just get leaves. 40cm is about right for the height. And where there are leaves, there’s hope. No rain here again. Luckily nothing has died yet, and my garden is coping quite well. I’ve been to my in-law’s garden and was very sad to see everything struggling in the drought. I am on clay soil and they are on free draining sandy soil. You too are a treasure. Your lovely, kind words make all the difference and cheer me each day. Loving greetings and best wishes from karen xx


      • Karen, thank you for the treasure. I feel that your Father-in-law despairs seeing the garden without water. I wish with all my heart that it rains soon and for a time. I continue watering the Dahlias. I’ll throw them potassium again. They have lost the leaves they brought in the flowerpot and they have sprung new buds that are very small leaves but there are many. The three Dahlias have done the same. I’m glad you happy: that tongue twister! Karen all the best for you, love and you are the treasure. Take care. Loving greetings from Margarita.

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  3. What wonderful pictures. We dont seem to have luck growing dalias here, but my mother grew then. They are such beautiful flowers. In college my go to hostess gift was one large dinner plate daliah from an Amish family at the farmers market. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you for reading and getting in touch. I’m growing the tiny Pom Pom dahlias and also the cactus flowering type with the spiky pointy flowers. I’ve got one dinner plate dahlia called Cafe au Lait, which I’m grown for the first time, but it is proving difficult to get going. How lovely to give hostess gifts. We make jam jar flowers for our friends and family. Today I have masses of white daisies, scented pinks and sweet peas and some really bright yellow rudbeckias. Thanks again for joining me on here. All the best. Karen


    • Thank you Lucy. Must say, they are pretty fab in cut flowers. They last such a long time. I love the stained glass colours. Not so keen on the dinner plate ones. But I love the little Pom Pom types and the water lilies, and the ones with cactus like spikey flowers. I’ve just been to common farm flowers where Georgie is growing them in long rows. They looked amazing. All the best and enjoy your weekend xx


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