Wordless Wednesday -Cosmos Snow Puff

I’ve had a wonderful day at the field trials ground at Mr Fothergill’s Seeds in Suffolk. This new cosmos caught my eye. Perfect for pollinators. More words to follow when I’ve recovered from the journey. I will be growing this and many other new seeds next spring.

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16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday -Cosmos Snow Puff

  1. Karen that Cosmos white so wonderful: I like it very much. The picture is magnificent, with the bee eating. Recover yourself from the trip: rest. So many emotions like that Cosmos Snow Puff are great. Greetings to your Mother on my part and love. Love and health for your family. Karen the best for you. Take care. Loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • Thank you Margarita. It wore me out to be honest. I have to very carefully choose which trips I take now. I can’t go to everything on offer. But, as a result, when I do go, I really enjoy every minute of the excursion. Thanks for your kind comments. Greetings and best wishes to you and your family. Love from karen xx


  2. Hi Karen, wow, lucky you getting to see behind the scenes at Mr Fothergill’s! I’m really terribly envious. 🙂
    I love that white cosmos and will make a note of it – having gone from heatwave to downpour overnight here, I’m actually thinking about what to grow next year already!! Hope you recover from the journey, travelling plus all the excitement can be so tiring. xx

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    • Thank you Lucy. It was my first visit to the trial grounds. It was so fascinating seeing behind the scenes too. Thanks for your kind comments. Still only using an I-phone. Karen


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