Salmon and Spring Herb Pie

This week’s recipe from Garden News Magazine. So lovely to have sunny weather at the weekend to sit outdoors and eat with the family. Food seems to taste better in the sunshine.

Herbs are grown in shallow terracotta pans and window boxes. These are still in the greenhouse, but will go outdoors the first week of June when all the cold winds should have disappeared.

Here’s a mini-windowbox full of basil, parsley, chives and coriander. The kit comes with small packets of seeds and just enough compost for four individual pots.

I recommend Johnson’s seeds for herbs.
Dwarf dill can be grown in containers.

I also recommend Jekka’s Herbs produced by Johnson’s Seeds.

A very useful book to dip into, especially if you’d like to try different herbs.

Hope you are having a good gardening week. It’s been a cold spring so far and very wet. We are behind with most vegetables, but the spring flowers have enjoyed the cool conditions and lasted longer than usual. Bluebells are just starting to fade, but bright blue geraniums have started to flower to take their place and all the wild flowers, ragged robin, pink campion and oxeye daisies are starting to bloom. Thank you for reading the blog and, if you have time, leave a comment in the box below, letting me know what herbs you are growing for your summer cooking. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to write for Garden News Magazine. Each week I share a different recipe featuring something harvested from the garden. Sometimes I only have a handful of herbs, or a dish of berries. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, just whatever I can find to put into my cooking.

8 thoughts on “Salmon and Spring Herb Pie

  1. I grow and freeze many herbs for winter use. Chives, basil, oregano, cilantro, parsley, thyme, tarragon and dill. I also grow tulsi (holy basil), catnip, lemon balm, chocolate peppermint and spearmint for teas. I neglected to order summer savory and sweet marjoram seed, so I may have to forego that pleasure.

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  2. Hi Karen. I love using herbs too. My chives have done well in the long cool spring this year and are only just starting to flower. And I have coriander that set seed last summer and germintaed outside – wonderful! I have sown dill, which is coming up, and my favourite Salvia got badly frozen back, but is recovering well. 😃 Parsley is another story… I have to buy new plug plants in the spring.

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    • I’m the same with parsley. It seems to run out of steam. Dill seems to be growing a few inches every day! How lovely to have coriander self-seeding outdoors. I love chive flowers for cheese and chive scones and for salads. Karen x

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