In a Vase on Monday- All White

I’m practicing for wedding flowers. You never know when you might need some….

White larkspur and Ammi majus. Such a simple combination. I’d probably add white sweet peas for scent. I’ve got heritage variety Mrs Collier growing on the hazel A frame. And some white love-in-a-mist. The bouquet would be tied with white satin and pearl pins, and not grey twine. But you get the idea.

Larkspur White King was sown on 4th September in 12″ pots in the polytunnel. I used a 50 /50 mixture of peat- free multi purpose compost and John Innes no 2 compost with some added grit for drainage. I used Sarah Raven/ Johnsons Seed, sown thinly, covered with a sprinkle of compost and left to grow on without pricking them out.

I also chose seeds from Higgledy Garden. These were part of a cut flower patch kit. Very good value and nice fresh seed. Everything germinated and grew well. Highly recommended. Plus, I like to support independent companies such as Ben’s.

White “cow parsley” type flowers in my bouquet are Higgledy Garden’s Ammi majus. This lovely airy flower always does better from an autumn sowing. Once you start cutting them lots of side shoots appear and you can harvest flowers right through the summer.

Higgledy’s larkspur mix contains some beautiful ice blue flowers, shell pinks and whites. All packets of seeds cost between £1 and £2.50 each. I probably spent less than £10.

Once I’d sown the seeds, I laid the packets on the pots and took photos to remind me what I’d grown and when. Labels have a habit of moving – all by themselves- on my plot!

Seedlings germinated by 21st September.

I had a bit of a problem with mice. Luckily they just thinned the seedlings for me. I put down peanuts and bird food for them, which they preferred. Hopefully the barn owl will have helped me out over the summer. I know she is feeding fledglings as we see her most nights, and we hear them calling for food. Loudly.

Those few pots of plants have been supplying me with posies for a several weeks now. I’m not sure they produce blooms any sooner than plants grown outdoors; but they have super long stems with plenty of flowers and haven’t been damaged by rain.

I particularly love the green markings on the back of the petals.

Green-tinged buds make a lovely contrast to the white flowers.

If anyone wants to get married next summer- I have the perfect plan for the flowers! Just saying.

links : Cathy IAVOM :

Sarah Raven / Johnsons Seeds :

Higgledy Garden, Ben Ranyard :

Cut flower growing and arrangements -courses and books: Georgie at

First Polytunnels :

Dalefoot peat free composts :

Twine :

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Thank you 😊

26 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday- All White

  1. Karen is a magnificent and spectacular bouquet, I love it, I had never seen a bouquet so wonderful and full of beauty. Beautiful. The white Lakspur is a divine flower with its green nerves that are seen in the cocoons much more. The open flowers are lovely and beautiful, very beautiful. I like them very much. I love. The poles of Lakspur are so long that they have so many flowers. I’m glad to know that the mice in the polyclunel could control them by feeding them. And then the owl hunts them to eat and feed their chicks. The ammi majus is a flower that I love. It looks like lace, it is ethereal and wonderful. Pure white and divine. And if you can cut it and sprout again and you have flowers for the whole summer, it’s an exceptional flower, I love it. It is a fabulous bouquet not only for a bride but to put it inside the house and illuminate the place. I love. Karen love and health and strength for your whole family and for you. Take care and rest. Caressing caresses for Meg and Grace. Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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  2. Oh such fabulous light and airy flowers Karen which would grace any bride’s bouquet. I love those green flecks on the larkspur. Most envious of your poly tunnel – just how many people let alone plants could you fit in it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I couldn’t manage without that poly tunnel now. It gives me a nice dry working space. Essential with all this flipping rain! The poly tunnel cost. £20 for the metal hoops , second hand from a retired garden centre, and €140 for the poly cover, which you can buy as replacements. So they don’t need to cost a fortune. Thanks again. All the pale lavender and purple larkspur is flowering now. Such a treat


  3. Wow, Karen – I was bowled over when I saw this! Absolutely delightful – and those white larkspur…! Must try larkspur again after seeing these. You must surely thin the seedlings out though – how many to a pot?

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    • Thank you Cathy. I’m in the process of cleaning the poly tunnel. It’s a super space for working in the rain, but so much harder to clean than glass. Algae is a problem. I’m just setting up my summer veg plots in there now. Alongside the flowers there will be kale, salad, tomatoes and peppers.

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      • Karen, just wanted to say thank you for your post on Oak Tree House which I forwarded to my Mum and recommended, as it is only a few miles away from them – they went on Sunday and really loved it! (They live in Brixworth, Northants, not far from the Leicestershire border.)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, Cathy, that’s wonderful! I was so happy to see they made £1,600 over the weekend. So pleased your Mum could visit. That made it all worthwhile writing that piece. I absolutely loved the garden. Perfect in every way. And Pam is amazing. A dynamo! All for a good cause, raising money for the NGS. If you come to visit your mum, let me know and we will go over together. Plus there’s Coton Manor nearby. I’d love to see you both. Xx

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