Award for Flower Carpet Pink Rose

Flower Carpet Pink is the 18th rose to be inducted into the World Federation of Rose Societies prestigious Rose Hall of Fame. Who knew there was such a thing as a Rose Hall of Fame! Or that there were 17 other roses mentioned there already. I learn something new every day. The announcement came at the Word Rose Congress held in Adelaide earlier this month. I’m going to show my complete ignorance here and say that I didn’t even know there was a World Rose Congress either. However, for what it’s worth, I have always loved the Flower Carpet roses for their disease resistance. As an organic gardener, roses that don’t need spraying are a blessing. Ones that repeat flower and don’t need much pruning are even more welcome. I use the pink rose in garden design projects, but at home I have Flower Carpet Coral which grows amongst white peonies, hellebores, and blue campanula in a semi-shaded border. The blue and the coral colours look wonderful together.

Flower Carpet Coral

It’s fascinating to know the history behind these plants. Flower Carpet Pink was Bred by Noack Roses in 1988 and introduced in the UK in 1991. Like many gardeners, I appreciate its glossy foliage, abundance of flowers and easy-care characteristics.

Rose grower Robert Wharton, licensee for Noack Roses in the UK says ‘With environmental consideration such as water and chemical reduction increasing in importance Flower Carpet with its excellent drought tolerance and superb health will be a feature in gardens and green spaces well into the future.’

Creator of Flower Carpet Pink, Werner Noack passed away recently and his son Reinhard accepted the award from Henrianne de Briey President of the WFRS. Reinhard said ‘Such a success is not the merit of only one person – three generations of the Noack family, our employees and national and international partners have all contributed to make Flower Carpet Pink a true rose of the world’.

The Flower Carpet collection won 11 gold medals and 14 awards in rose trials held around the world. Both Reinhard and his son Steffen continue Werner’s work in creating both beautiful and useful roses, including Cherry, the latest addition to the Flower Carpet family.

Flower Carpet Cherry

The Flower Carpet collection has combined sales of over 100 million plants globally since the launch of Flower Carpet Pink.

Flower Carpet Gold

The World Federation of Rose Societies, World Hall of Fame was established in 1976. There have been 18 inductees over the past 46 years, with Rose Peace being the first. There is also an Old Rose Hall of Fame which celebrates the popular historical roses and roses of genealogical importance.

Flower Carpet® is grown in the UK by Whartons Garden Roses and is available from garden centres and nurseries.

Here’s some more roses from the Flower Carpet series.

Flower Carpet Amber
Flower Carpet Ruby
Flower Carpet Sunset
Flower Carpet Sunshine
Flower Carpet White

These make good roses for flower arranging, and in the open-centred roses, bees love the pollen. Are any of you growing roses from the Flower Carpet Range? Thank you for reading the blog and leaving your comments in the box below.

8 thoughts on “Award for Flower Carpet Pink Rose

  1. Gads! Yes, we grow two carpet roses, and I loathe them. There is nothing wrong with either of them, and both will eventually work out very well. I just loathe them because they have become too common, and end up in situations where they should not be. One of ours was installed on the edge of a walkway, where it reached out to grab pedestrians. It is likely ‘Cherry’ but might be ‘Ruby’. Since they needed to be removed, I relocated them to a larger bank where they have plenty of room to sprawl. They went into two rows that are more than a hundred feet long, but would go perhaps four times as far with more appropriate spacing. I just put them as closely as they are to keep them alive until I can find other uses for them. The ‘Pink’ carpet rose is in a better situation where it does not grab pedestrians, but was installed ridiculously densely. I only leave it there, like the ‘Cherry’ or ‘Rose’, to keep it alive until I find other uses for it. Although I loathe it, I do not want to waste it either.

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    • There’s a bank of Flower Carpet roses in the public garden of the next village. I often go for a walk around there and the roses are in flower from early June to November. Volunteers have planted them and they do seem to be doing very well. Thanks for reading the blog and for sending your views and information. It’s much appreciated. All the best. Karen

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  2. “Amber” looks gorgeous, and I like “Sunshine” and the white one as well. It’s interesting that the flower shapes are different among the various colours. There is a shopping mall near where I live that has a long walk up the middle of its parking lot with beds of a pink variety of Flower Carpet roses on either side. They bloom vigorously all summer and enhance a visit to the Canadian Tire store (which sells all kinds of hardware and household stuff, as well as tires).

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    • I love the Amber one too. Isn’t it interesting that this rose series is grown all around the world with such success. Thank you for reading the blog and for sending information about the flower carpet roses in your area. They are grown in the public park in the next village and I live to see them flowering all summer long with not a sign of blackspot disease. Hope you are having a great week. All the best. Karen x

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